Technology is constantly advancing and remote control cars have come along way. Backyard Tracks/Courses has become a common thing bringing together family and friends to enjoy the outdoors while getting competitive and having a fun time while doing so.
That’s where we come in. Let us enhance that quality time and construct your RC Paradise. In just a few short day’s we can bring the fun to your finger tips!

Discussion of course Scale, Style, Budget, location and time frame.
Layout process, equipment required with estimated time frame/Cost.

-Follow up email or call
 A walk through can be required but often info and needs can be addressed by email or phone to get project finalized for client sign off.

-Available Course Build Financing
-Contract with scheduling
-Course Build and Completion
=Client Shredding!

RC Short Course - Rock Crawling - U4RC - More

A recent interview about a 5th scale rc track that we built in southern california at robinson raceway.

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Bringing RC to fellow hobbiests worldwide.

we build DREAMS

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